Sunday, July 21, 2024

You know three years ago, I stopped believing in my father’s God. My god is something else. His church stopped being my church, yet today because I still let myself be initiated into that church. My father, the preacher, baptized me. Early this morning, we got up and with a couple of other families started the ride to church with a real baptistery. Me, my brothers Keith and Marcus, and these four other kids got dipped. Keith is dumb as a rock, but he’s stepmom’s favorite. He skips out on chores and his naive self wants to move to Los Angelas. HA! What a joke.

On the way to church, our small armed possey passed by a great many homeless and dead. We try and keep our distance from them as they are disgustingly sick.  The bums didn’t attempt to try anything today though, we had guns. Many guns.

I heard recently of that storm down in the Gulf region. I heard it killed more than 700 people! Wow! I wonder if all those people still have faith in their “God.”