Wednesday, November 6, 2024

Atlast internet! Where to start? Lots of things happened since last time. There’s a new president-elect, conservative Christopher Donner. This genius will dismantle the moon and Mars programs and privatize the rest. He’ll also suspend worker safety regulations, in the hopes of getting more workers employed.

The nerve of this guy. The nerve of politicians! An astronaut died on the last Mars mission. She wanted to be buried there. The didn’t burry her there. They shipped her back Earth-side and put her in the ground. There is a widespread belief that the space program is a waste of money. That’s stupid. If we colonize the moon and Mars, we could be saved! We could start fresh! Why don’t these people realize this?

Our neighborhood Window Wall television kicked the bucked late July. It was operated by the Yannis family and the charged money for people to use it. That sucked a lot. Now the whole neighborhood gets their news from the radio.

Around mid-August, my neighbor, Ms. Simms killed herself. She was robbed last month, and the week before she died her relatives were killed in an arson fire likely started by junkies.