Regent‘s Utopia

Regent‘s Utopia

This is a two part virtual reality character experience portraying Utopian World of Cornelius Regent, heir to the Regent estate, Business Major, and a connoisseur of Ancient Roman memorabilia. This VR experience immerses the viewer in the selfish thoughts and ideals of Cornelius Regent.

The viewer can walk around the town center of the Regent’s Metropolis. If the viewer chooses to, they can also enter a trolley and zip through the metropolis center in comfort and take in the sites while listening to the music from Metropolis.

My Critical Theory professor, Dr. Versari introduced me to the works of French architect Etienne-Louis Boullee, and right away I knew that I found the appropriate architectural style to model Regent’s Utopia. I wanted something grand, but dark, inspirational but oppressive. This led me to design buildings inspired by Soviet and German architecture. My work was further inspired by Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and Metropolis.
The music and the atmosphere I created is supposed to convey feelings of awe and inspiration.

Like the previous experience, the viewer once again starts in Cornelius Regent’s Mudge Mansion Quad. However, instead of going outside to see the city, he enters his own personal Roman villa. 

This project was funded by the Frank Ratcheye Funds for Art @ the Frontier microgrant.