Download for VR: FantasticalDelights

Download for PC: FantasticalDelightsButWithoutTheVR


Vacation in the Garden of Earthly Delights!

  • See the 500-year-old painting, for the first time* fully reimagined for VR!
  • Watch deer randomly running around!
  • Find four clues scattered around the Garden!
  • Help God consider kicking Adam & Eve out of the Garden!

Welcome to Fantastical Delights, a virtual reality experience for the delayed Beaux-Arts Ball of 2020. This is a computer reinterpretation of the Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. Like the painting, the party was divided into three parts themed around either Heaven, Earth, or Hell. This project will be exhibited in the Heaven themed section of the ball.

This project is made in the Unreal Engine and is programmed in C++.

The Frank Ratchye Studio For Creative Inquiry kindly paid for my equipment to make the experience by providing me with a grant. For help with graphics, The Game Creation Society provided me with a team of talented artists.

This project was funded in part by the Frank Ratcheye Funds for Art @ the Frontier microgrant.

Studio of Creative Inquiry
DirectorGolan Levin
Associate DirectorTom Hughes
Business ManagerLinda Hager
Financial AssistantCarol Hernandez
Program CoordinatorBill Rodgers
Technical CoordinatorRich Kawood
Overall Help
Play Testing, conceptual and graphics helpJuliya Komar
Play Testing and some code helpJake Komar
Fantastical Delights Credits
Art Partner
Joyce Zhang
Unreal Engine HelpJan Orlowski
Professor David Kosbie
Term Project MentorHelen Huang
Miscellaneous Term Project HelpPing-Ya
Game Creation Society (GCS)
President of GCS, Team leadDominic Calkosz
Treasurer of GCS, Team LeadAdrian Mester
Vice President of GCS, Team LeadJessica “Jess” Cao
Director of Development of GCSWoody McCoy
Public Relations Lead of GCSKalpa Anjur
Chief of Operations of GCSJoseph Perrino
Team LeadCarter Williams
The Fantastical Delights GCS Team
Senior Tree ModelerIbuken Sanni
Junior Tree ModelerAliyah Zhang
Senior Animal ModelerSanjay Salem
Junior Animal ModelerLisa Lo
The Beaux Arts Ball Executive Committee
Decorations LeadNana Cheon
Committee ChairEmmi Dolp
DecorationsYouie Cho
EntertainmentSophia Masterson
EntertainmentLiz Maday
FinanceSelena Zhen
Public RelationsAlexander Chen
Food and DrinkSamantha Locraft
The Beaux Arts Ball Decorations Committee Help
3D Modelling HelpJoel Neely
3D Modelling HelpConnor McGaffin
3D Modelling HelpProud Taranat
Holly Liu
Other Help
StorySteven Chernets
Thumbnail Art (apple)Victoria Jones

*Bosch VR** doesn’t count, it’s mobile VR and it has paywalls.

**The OTHER Bosch VR is a tour of Hieronymus Bosch’s studio.