I think you guys should know that I’m stubborn. My subconscious reflects this by giving me a recurring dream when I’m asleep. I experienced this dream last night again.

I’m learning to fly, to levitate myself. No one is teaching me. I’m just learning on my own, little by little, dream lesson by dream lesson. It’s a very persistent image. Over the years I’ve had many lessons, and I’m definitely better than when I started. At the end of the dream, my house gets set on fire. That’s strange. I think the dream is a reflection of my self-image.

Have any of you looked at the night sky and saw the stars twinkling back? Step-Mom says it wasn’t always like this. In fact, not so long ago the stars weren’t visible at all due to city lights. That’s right, the rusting metal columns everywhere used to emit light, so bright to scare away the stars. She misses those days. I don’t get why. You couldn’t see the stars back then!