There will be download/documentation links to my projects here.

12/14/19-6/30/20: Fantastical Delights GCS

9/27 – 10/23/19: The World of Cornelius Regent:

  • The World in his eyes
  • His personal Utopia

11/?/20 Brooklyn Bridge Oculus QUEST

??/?/20: Project Dungeon Crawler Oculus RIFT/RIFTS

??/?/20: Project Dungeon Crawler Oculus QUEST

9/27-28/19: LoVR: First Place at HackCMU Oculus QUEST


9/13-14/19: LoVR: First Place at HackCMU Oculus RIFT/RIFTS

7/30/18-1/26/19: Project Dungeon Crawler PC

7/30/18-1/26/19: Project Dungeon Crawler Oculus GO

5/25/18-7/2/18 Brooklyn Bridge PC

5/25/18-7/2/18 Brooklyn Bridge Oculus RIft/RiftS

5/25/18-7/2/18 Brooklyn Bridge Oculus GO