You can easily install custom plugins to Ue4. To clean your Ue4 project from any gunk from code start following on step 5.

  1. Close Ue4 and Visual Studio
  2. Go to your project folder where your .uproject is
  3. Create a folder named Plugins
  4. in that folder put your plugin
  5. Delete Intermediate Folder
    1. Recommended deletion
    2. The benefit of deleting these folders is that it reduces your file size, makes it viable to be shared with others and removes some gunk in your project.
      1. Binaries
      2. Saved
      3. .VS
      4. Build
  6. Delete .SLN
  7. Regenerate Visual Studio Files
    1. The above folders may be automatically regenerated
    2. If not don’t worry, they may will be recreated when compiling, launching or starting your projects.
  8. Open .SLN
  9. Recompile your project
  10. You should now have your plugin installed & activated, and project cleaned
  11. Profit


Special Thanks to The FrankRatchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University for sponsoring my projects