Brooklyn Bridge

In the summer of 2017, Mike Hermes a prominent 3D modeling YouTuber hosted a modeling competition themed around remaking popular structures. My entry to the competition was the Brooklyn Bridge. Supposedly the first place winner was supposed to get their work featured in the Smithsonian museum as a VR experience. For me, I only got the second place.

I started to research the bridge and discovered that about a hundred years ago the structure looked radically different from how it does today. The bridge used to have trolleys and trains going back and forth from Manhattan, as well as cars and horse carriages. Nowadays, only cars go through, but the modern Brooklyn Bridge isn’t as artistically interesting to model. After all, there’s plenty of 3D models of it in its current state.

I figured that making VR experiences wouldn’t be a long stretch from regular game development. So, I got my own Oculus Rift and starting tinkering in April of 2018. In June, I had the experience ready and working in VR…just in time for college portfolio reviews! That was a problem, you see I had this experience, but no way to show it to other people! Luckily, Oculus just released the Oculus GO! So I bought it and ported my game over to the GO. Just in time for my July 3rd tour at Carnegie Mellon!